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Magdalena Korzeniewska.

a Reason and its Result

I was wondering a while, that publish that post in english or in polish language. The choice isn't obvious. English is considered as one of most popular language on the world nowadays, however, there are many available ways to translate any language to another one. In such new order in internet age. Our times are historic in many years after our generation, just because of easy way for communication between people, sharing data, pictures, ideas, everything that can be written into zero-one code for computers. Via internet is not even one second to send it to one continent to another. One second. From one CONTINENT to another...

What is that one second.

That possibility of sending picture to friends from Europe to Australia, Asia, or both America is for young generation so obvious, that it just is. Just exists. It is so natural, that you can speak via any app, application for smart mobile phones, using you mobile, with someone in another continent on the Earth. Jump of technics lately, been so quick, comparing to our time on the Earth, that it is just a miracle itself.

I'm not going to list out of our technician and civilization reachments. It is the time I want to discuss today. And the key of that will be the way we as humans can precept it.


Maybe we should start from the end.

Our senses, five of them, used to considered matter around as solid and placed in linear time. There is the picture, that now is "now", second before and on is "the past", second build on our expectations is "the future".

It is the time for our brains. This is how we used to live in this world. Being more specific this is how WE CREATE that world. That subject, about creating space-time continuum, I'm leaving for another time.

Now I want to focus on some phenomenon which time is indeed.

Maybe some of You can ask, how I could name that "the future" something made from our expectations. Where is the science then. What with hundreds of experiments proving that physics we have. Mechanics, any matter mechanics and others fields. It almost sounds like nonsense to base "the future" just on something even not really existing, or considered as not solid, and not... Yes, it might be not so solid, not so sure, because we, our brains are used to think in such categories we were taught. And all around we search for something similar to that we consider solid and stable in its state.

This is not philosophy lecture, even it is seems to be. It is all about time.

Once again. Our senses is that we start and end any experiment. ANY experiment. It is we are, that some particles are around to accomplish that experinent in that expecting result. It might be a big revolution in our civilization. And I think it is next step to tame our space-time environment. I hope simultaneously that will be for our better future, actually I know, for some new understanding of "space", "time", and "space-time", and space and time connection.

For understanding energy on the Earth, and our existence here more. For developing our civilization into another stage of human beings.

Time is the key. Time is the question and the answer at the same time.

What if... The reason and the result is not one after another, just they exist only in the same moment, in the same time. Are correlated in this way because result can not be "result" without "reason". And additionally result is known with the same moment, the same time that the reason appears.

This is possible, and even more, I will prove that is the science by Big S.
Just after building my "Light Jump" prototype. In innovate "light Jump" project for new transport type.

Greetings, and A plus tard,
Magdalena Korzeniewska.

Bialystok, Poland.

NASA Black Hole Picture

NASA Black Hole Picture, April 2019

Under that link above you can find my totally new theory about ASTRONOMIC BLACK HOLES. You can translate it with google option for whole sites, or by copying whole text with my theory to some translator (google translator is quite good).

If you are wondering why MY THEORY about BLACK HOLES isn't famous, you can imagine, what would be happen if all theoretical physics say that their work is like playing in playground, not real science. Or maybe real, but nobody before haven't found so obvious fact. The clue was there, whispered between their articles for science carrier, but no one was brave enaugh to admit that is a wrong way to discover anything beyond Earth space-time.

Magdalena Korzeniewska

Light Feather Co.

Why I should write a book with my theories

It's been a while I didn't post anything.

My private life was, or still is upside down. And from psychological point of view it is most important for writing anything. For a lecture, or a book, or anything with some portion of knowledge and for more than one person.

Just I'm wondering about time, and have a real feeling that it is a most important thing in my life. And maybe more, it is most important thing in any of our lives. I won't repeat boring platitudes, but without time, we couldn't exist.

Strong sentence, means a lot. Should even, because, we are living in such space- time something. And we are so much identified with that linear time, and space, by the way, that saying such my theory about creating time-space around everyone is like the Copernicus's theory in sixteen century, about our solar system, as we know nowadays, simply a fact. My theory about that (creating space-time singularity by every human being) isn't the only one. Maybe will proper time to publish all of them, now it is like Kopernik's theory, before Galilee proved it more, what was in 1609, according to Stephen Hawking in one of his book.

Yes... you noticed I read some books either, and I'm not the every-thing-knowing-person. There is also other the simple way for getting knowledge, what was used by EVERY great mind in any century on the Earth. This is some state of mind, and energy of human being, that that knowledge is available. We used to say that is sort of thinking state, that everyone of great minds uses. But our scientific word needs quoting of book writers (known as scientists) as much as physical proves.

Backing to my short lecture of time, I'd like to say about that simple thing. That time is always linked to space. Maybe it isn't a fact, because it isn't linear, as we used to think. However, time can't exist without space. Let's see it is true or not.

Starting that deduction, remind that opposite is easier to prove. Just we can say that space can't exist without time, and it is one picture, to prove it. There is only one picture of life without time. Then it isn't possible to create 3-dimential space without time. So, what is a big argument for statement that time can't exist without space.

There is not any.

And if it would be so easy to prove, and was a fact that everyone, not only some crazy scientist could agree, that our living on earth and everyday lives would be totally different. Because proving that theory implicates sort of prove Einstein theory about his wormholes, more less.

And that is the first step for any young scientist to great invention, in next XXI century.

Greeting, Magdalena Korzeniewska.
[wrote in Bialystok, Poland, 6th January 2019]

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