The theory about astronomical black holes by Magdalena Korzeniewska in English

Very first articles about an astronomical black holes - analysis of research methods and enunciation of the theory - was published in polish language by the author. You can find them in links below.

The manuscript in polish (available translation by google blog) -

The theory full version (with small changes comparing to the manuscript) -

Few facts about theory and manuscript:

- the first mention was in social media as simple notes and posts (2016-2018)
- manuscript is dated on 1st March 2018
- manuscript written in Poland in Lega - colony settlement nearby Elk
- the theory was written by Magdalena Korzeniewska - master in science in 2001, master in meditation, fan and propagator of yoga as a life style


The theory about astronomical BLACK HOLES

by Magdalena Korzeniewska



1. The basis for considering the theory of the existence of black holes is their observation by man. The important fact is the lack of stable evidence nowadays about the properties of space-time in which we exist as humans. Human kind, as well as organic and inorganic matter, and many other discovered types of energy manifested in various stable forms in our time and space.
Referring to the fact that the conditions for conducting observations and experiments, the latter are not very possible in the "natural environment" of black holes. This is conditioned by the specificity of the system - the world in which we exist as people, and the main factor associated with this world - space. This space, in astronomical measurements, research based on the path travelled by light, is theoretically incomparable to space - the distances we deal with every day and are able to carry out scientific experiments.

Therefore, the basis for considering what theory is and has been so far. And unfortunately, at the level of time-space considerations as the only and main centre in which anything can exist, there will be only theory, unsupported practice.

2. Nevertheless, all inventions were born in the minds of their creators first as a theory. The consequence was only putting effort and energy into the clear extraction of brilliant thoughts to the light of day. (What a metaphor.) Experimental tests of operation and only after many attempts and failures, the existence of the invention. Or by accident when experimenting for other purposes.

However, this may not be possible with black hole theory and experiment. You have to take into account this possibility, then the conditions of the experiments carried out may change. Apart from certain conditions, which theoretically have no meaning at the moment, the most important thing is to allow the notion that something exists outside of space-time. Distinguishing time-space as an energy creation of various forms of energy, manifesting itself in the form of various energy structures with specific physical and chemical properties. These properties determine and unequivocally determine the behaviour of these structures in space and time in the environment and, or reactions with other structures also being "closed" in space and time.

Separating time-space and something that can exist beyond that, further our perception, perception of people, is still focused on location - searching for a specific space. 'Beyond' does not have to mean 'a hole' for energy to be 'beyond' what connects it to space-time.

I use the name space-time intentionally, without separating time and space. For one very specific reason - time and space are inextricably linked. You can't observe space without time. And without space you cannot observe time - the passage of time.

One of the most important observations we have available nowadays, that is at the beginning of the 21st century, is the possibility of observing the blue vault by devices called telescopes and other devices with a similar principle of operation. The main role in observing everything that today's science has touched is light. In telescopes, light, exactly the properties of energy that we observe as light - is a determinant and a means of measuring distance. I would like to draw attention to a certain ailment of telescopes and thus their limitations regarding the measurement of various types of energy. Telescopes, as well as one of the senses in man, is strictly dependent on the possibilities and properties of light. Light is defined as a kind of energy with its bipolar properties, the so-called bipolar nature of light. Wave and molecular. It is important that both properties and the translation of phenomena from the wave side of light and its molecular nature is closely related to space. In the understanding of today's considerations, space-time.

By examining the same distances and trying to determine the properties of objects seen through telescopes, we are dealing with a very limited means used for these studies. Limited in time and space. And to be precise, space research is just a projection of what can be explored in the narrow waveband that the space is exploring. Specifying, thus, the research methods, which is sending and receiving electromagnetic waves in the range of light waves.

Thus, using light to observe objects and phenomena outside the Earth, we are not able to study something that does not show spatial properties and is "outside" time-space.

Hence, anything, any energy that can be observed with this tool, a tool based on the matter of light, will only be possible when observing phenomena and objects with time-space properties. An attempt to observe the object "out" of space-time is doomed to failure.

In the face of what light is and the observation of "black holes", I dare to say that black holes are objects, or a type of medium, not having time-space properties. Lack of information about time and space causes their "incompatibility" with a research device such as telescopes and similarly functioning devices.

3. The conclusion from the above consideration is the statement and theory that black holes are characterized by a lack of space-time.

Magdalena Korzeniewska.
Bialystok in Poland, 23th April 2020.

Bridge between science and world of light energy

Since every first day of humanity on the Earth humans ask themselves basic questions.

The first question was, I think: "Who am I?"

The next questions were about more than just one man. I think they sound like: "Who we are?" and "Where we, humans, are from?"

Curiosity was this basic force, or rather desire, to push that civilization forward. And still that force - desire is the basic one in energy field of every human.

Seems that everything material and what can be seen is already measured.

But curiosity pushes everyone wanting to know if there are anyone similar to human race? And if, then How? Where? When? Some of these question might be as well: "Is there possible to predict future?" and "Is it possible to travel to the past or to the future?" and "Can we travel in light speed?"

We, living today, are sceptical mostly, and say, that anything exists if I can touch it. This is clear science approach.

How are possible some miracles then? From where they come from. What force makes to cure people in impossible way, makes seen unpredictable from science eyes.

In my opinion the bridge between science and unseen energy is already made in previous century. Some unseen energy already is "normal" for everyone. And they already make our lives better and easier. The most popular and normal example is unwired network technology.

What is wrong if we say about our thoughts as a communication channel? Only because it is unmeasured, then it sounds like non-science yet. Besides neurobiological researches of our brain.

And also in some few years my words here will be like from stone age. We are living in so fast progress of science.

Then where is that bridge between nowadays science and human being as energy being, being with conscious, soul.

I think that it is already made, but anyone didn't name it "loud" yet.

We are human race. Souls with human body. Like a madness would sound a testment that everyone is the same. But every human has the same humans abilities.

And perception of every world I said is also energy you brain receives and categorizes. Make some comparisons, about millions per second. Searching any similar data in your "brain". Or being more specific in your energy field, your memory.

Neuroscience made one big discovery, conclusion was that memory of human brain can be replaced.

Some of science society call the bridge between science and energy world as a pseudoscience.

There is only one step behind to discover, what we, humans, are, and made proud of that we are in fact.

Borders between material world and non-material world fade day by day.

Who will say in some hundred years that travel to work takes up to two hours. If there will be just few seconds of it.

I am sure, that we can build better world than that one with racing for money. Some people with power of their decisions will wake up from that bad dream, and will stand for great future of humanity.

I think, that the science needs Your help.

Magdalena Korzeniewska.

A job position - an autor of blog

Hello Light Readers!

I wish have more articles here, but I'm more busy of my project now. And I'm looking for the next authors of this blog.

Let me know if you are interested in. Send your offer by professional LinekdIn network. I need to confirm your education, so please let me know of your graduation.

You find link on bookmark Contact here.

Magdalena Korzeniewska.

a Reason and its Result

I was wondering a while, that publish that post in english or in polish language. The choice isn't obvious. English is considered as one of most popular language on the world nowadays, however, there are many available ways to translate any language to another one. In such new order in internet age. Our times are historic in many years after our generation, just because of easy way for communication between people, sharing data, pictures, ideas, everything that can be written into zero-one code for computers. Via internet is not even one second to send it to one continent to another. One second. From one CONTINENT to another...

What is that one second.

That possibility of sending picture to friends from Europe to Australia, Asia, or both America is for young generation so obvious, that it just is. Just exists. It is so natural, that you can speak via any app, application for smart mobile phones, using you mobile, with someone in another continent on the Earth. Jump of technics lately, been so quick, comparing to our time on the Earth, that it is just a miracle itself.

I'm not going to list out of our technician and civilization reachments. It is the time I want to discuss today. And the key of that will be the way we as humans can precept it.


Maybe we should start from the end.

Our senses, five of them, used to considered matter around as solid and placed in linear time. There is the picture, that now is "now", second before and on is "the past", second build on our expectations is "the future".

It is the time for our brains. This is how we used to live in this world. Being more specific this is how WE CREATE that world. That subject, about creating space-time continuum, I'm leaving for another time.

Now I want to focus on some phenomenon which time is indeed.

Maybe some of You can ask, how I could name that "the future" something made from our expectations. Where is the science then. What with hundreds of experiments proving that physics we have. Mechanics, any matter mechanics and others fields. It almost sounds like nonsense to base "the future" just on something even not really existing, or considered as not solid, and not... Yes, it might be not so solid, not so sure, because we, our brains are used to think in such categories we were taught. And all around we search for something similar to that we consider solid and stable in its state.

This is not philosophy lecture, even it is seems to be. It is all about time.

Once again. Our senses is that we start and end any experiment. ANY experiment. It is we are, that some particles are around to accomplish that experinent in that expecting result. It might be a big revolution in our civilization. And I think it is next step to tame our space-time environment. I hope simultaneously that will be for our better future, actually I know, for some new understanding of "space", "time", and "space-time", and space and time connection.

For understanding energy on the Earth, and our existence here more. For developing our civilization into another stage of human beings.

Time is the key. Time is the question and the answer at the same time.

What if... The reason and the result is not one after another, just they exist only in the same moment, in the same time. Are correlated in this way because result can not be "result" without "reason". And additionally result is known with the same moment, the same time that the reason appears.

This is possible, and even more, I will prove that is the science by Big S.
Just after building my "Light Jump" prototype. In innovate "light Jump" project for new transport type.

Greetings, and A plus tard,
Magdalena Korzeniewska.

Bialystok, Poland.

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